Virtually every organ system has related pain syndromes that vary from acute to chronic.

Homeopathy can tender safe, nonaddicting pain relief, when symptoms and medicine are fittingly matched. Our pain management can be a time-intensive route on the part of the practitioner because it requires individualization of the prescription based upon the exclusive features of the individual patient. It does not tend to lend itself to simple “cookbook” recipes and algorithms. When properly carried out it offers maximal clinical efficacy and long-term benefit since it often works beyond simple pain management and positively affects the clinical outcome of many disorders which are the source of the pain. The use of homeopathy in management of pain syndromes also reduces the need for conventional painkillers, thereby reducing the risk of drug interactions, adverse effects, abuse, dependency and addiction.

Homeopathic pain killers are your safe option for reducing and even eliminating mild to chronic pain because they are non-narcotic. Even though taking certain herbs may have some side effects for different people, those side effects are much less harmful than those you get from taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Role of homeopathy in Pain management:

Homeopathic medicine are prescribed in very minute doses. These medicines does not work directly on nerves to desensitize pain. But homeopathic medicines try to remove the cause behind pain. It means homeopathic medicines have capacity to cure the long term chronic diseases. Many of the cases of Migraine, Chronic headache, Backache, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Period pains in women are curable permanently.

Homeopathic medicines cannot be used simply as pain killers to reduce pain whenever needed. But homeopathic medicine must be taken continually as prescribed by Homeopath. Homeopathy has more than 310 medicines for different type of pains. But homeopathic medicines can only be prescribe on individuality of each patient according the modalities (it means the conditions aggravating or ameliorating the pain), location, sensation, severity, coexisting symptoms with pain. There are no common painkillers as in conventional medicine.