A Large no of patients have been reported to reduce or stop taking their antihistamines after our treatment.

Urticaria is a commonly seen as raised eruption with red margins or fluid filled swellings of the outer skin, associated with itching. There are a variety of its clinical variants seen, like angioedema which consists of transient swellings in the deeper skin tissues and Systemic anaphylaxis. It is an acute life- threatening condition induced by an IgE- medicated allergic reaction. It consists of a combination of symptoms and signs including diffuse redness, itching, urticaria, angioedema, hypotension and cardiac arrhythmias. In case of angioedema or anaphylaxis timely emergency care needs to be taken in hospital setting ,with checking of vital statistics and checking for air flow in the respiratory passage, and if needed administered with Oxygen. In few cases, intubation or even tracheotomy may be required, where there is laryngeal obstruction due to angioedema.

Allergies and urticaria An individual is exposed to large variety of agents in the environment namely food, physical agents like heat ,cold sunlight etc,Drugs prescribed by doctors for various diseases ,clothes ,Jewelry, cosmetics, variety of inhalers which are breathed in unknowingly a large number of microorganisms, parasites ,plants and animals. Each one of this is capable of causing allergic reaction in specific individuals. Occasionally the body reacts in an abnormal manner to such triggering allergens. The clinical manifestations of allergic disorders depend upon the nature of the antigen, its mode of entry into the body and target tissue organ. Thus various allergic skin disorders are seen in day to day practice include urticaria, contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis etc. Homeopathy has maximum scope in the above condition, as modern medicine has nothing more to offer other than antihistaminics. In each and every case of urticaria a detailed history is very imp to erase the cause .