Modern Lifestyle Stress

Stress – the most overused and misused word in day to day lingo now days!

Recently while taking the case an 8 yr old told me that she is stressed about delivery of her Amazon online order in time before Christmas!! So what exactly is stress???

A girl in the metro was other day was stressed out about her selfie not being perfect on her birthday to be posted on social media!!

In homeopathy, we are always interested to understand what another person is actually experiencing. Of course, we can only understand by interpreting what we observe from their behavior, in addition to listening to them explain what their inner experience is using their own words. However we often use words in quite loose and general ways, so to clutch what someone else is really feeling we need to ask them for examples, and to get them to describe their experience in as much detail as possible. When we do that, we find that individuals have quite different interpretations of the word stress. For some it’s a feeling of anxiety, a kind of nervousness. For other’s, it’s primarily a kind of agitation. For yet others it’s a feeling of not being able to cope. In fact, there is a wide range of emotions and inner feelings associated with this word “stress”.

Biologically, a stressor is anything which impacts on an organism requiring it to adapt or to defend its integrity. In human beings that impact may come from within, or from without. Physical disease processes can alter the inner environment of the body and these alterations require adjustments to be made.

More commonly, probably, we attribute stress to circumstance or to some external force. (We can call this external force the “stressor” – the whatever it is that’s doing the stressing.) When we come to consider these “stressors”, again we find a wide range of possibilities. It can be a kind of harassment, a being hurried and pressured to meet deadlines, or to perform tasks in particular ways which we find demanding or challenging. It can be about feeling we have too many issues and/or tasks demanding our attention all at once. Or it can be about experiencing some significant trauma, like a bereavement, a divorce, or losing a job.

We all react or respond to stressors differently .As always, the homeopathic approach recognises this and therefore there is no single remedy for stress, or even small handful of remedies for stress. The most appropriate remedy will be the one which best matches the individual’s experience and characteristics.

Homeopathic medicines have a huge advantage over sedatives here. A remedy does not act in a chemical way, suppressing anything within the body. Rather it stimulates the natural mechanisms of healing, repair and resilience. In other words, the intention of taking a homeopathic medicine is to improve the efficiency of your body and your mind. The remedy, therefore, reduces the distressing symptoms of stress only by enhancing your ability to cope with it.

Are homeopathic remedies performance enhancing drugs then? No, they are not. Not in the way a sports authority would think of it anyway. (Of course even if they were, they are neither proscribed medicines in sport, nor are they detectable in the human body.