Learning Disabilities

Difficulties with math, reading, language skills – these are the hallmarks of a learning disability.

It may be an inherited disability, or the result of a problem at birth or during pregnancy, but is not due to any home environment or cultural difference. Some children have more than one disability; some also have ADHD. If your child has a learning disability, don’t lose hope – as special teaching strategies can help your child overcome these challenges.

In fact, many adults have a learning disability – but have learned over time how to cope, and lead successful lives despite it.

Learning disabilities typically affect five general areas:

1. Spoken language: delays, disorders, and deviations in listening and speaking.
2. Written language: difficulties with reading, writing and spelling.
3. Arithmetic: difficulty in performing arithmetic operations or in understanding basic concepts.
4. Reasoning: difficulty in organizing and integrating thoughts.
5. Memory: difficulty in remembering information and instructions.

The parent should contact the child’s school and arrange for testing and evaluation.
Simultaneously, the parent should take the child to the family pediatrician for a complete physical examination. The child should be examined for correctable problems (e.g. poor vision or hearing loss) that may cause difficulty in school.

The beauty of homeopathy is that all of these concerns will be addressed at the same time by a single homeopathic medicine. Within weeks or a couple of months of finding the right homeopathic medicine, one notices concrete changes in your child such as the following:

• Grades should improve significantly.
• You child will report more ease and less frustration with learning. She will no longer feel that school and homework are a struggle.
• The teacher(s) will notice a distinct change in your child’s learning skills.
• Behavior, often exacerbated by a child’s frustration with learning, will improve markedly.
• Handwriting typically becomes more legible;
• Children often spontaneously begin to enjoy reading and other subjects that were previously drudgery.
• Friendships often blossom as a child develops more confidence and self-assuredness.
• Maturity can increase much more rapidly than before.

In my clinical experience, these are changes that begin to occur within one to four weeks after the correct homeopathic medicine is given. The improvement continues and builds over time. One of our greatest joys is to hear that a child who was previously in a special classroom or school has, as a result of homeopathy, become mainstreamed. Or to hear a child tell us in her own words how much easier school is and, as a result, how much happier she feels. Even for children with more severe delays such as Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, or developmental delays, improvement is often possible.