Lichen Planus

“Lichen planus is not incurable” and cortisone is not required .Homeopathy has shown fabulous results in curing this disease.

Lichen Planus ,a pigheaded skin disorder which has mystified not only the patients but also the practitioners equally.

Most of the patients coming to us realized that it cannot be cured just by steroids. Infact cortisone can aggravate certain cases. We have a marvelous track record in dealing with this difficult to treat condition. In most of the cases treatment helps in resolution of the existing lesions, reduces the itching and controls the further spread of the lesions. Unlike conventional treatment (which includes steroids), the homeopathic treatment tends to give lasting relief to the patients.without any adverse drug reactions.

It is a long standing (chronic), recurring, non-allergic, non-infectious, non-contagious disease of the skin, of which the exact cause is not yet fully understood .Lichen Planus largely affects skin. It may also affect mouth (gums, tongue, palate) (oral Lichen Planus), the scalp, nails, or the genitals (glans, penis. It is not a rule that every patient with Lichen Planus will have all the said areas affected. In males it could affect the glans of penis and in females the vulva or vagina. It can be said that more areas affected, more difficult to treat. Also, experience says that the oral or genital Lichen Planus is more difficult to treat as compared to that on the skin. Also, Lichen planus affecting the scalp when leads to scarring, may lead to permanent hair loss; which is difficult to treat. The eruptions are Flat-topped shiny polygonal , small in size, thickened eruptions, and rough and/or oily to touch, dirty look at times. We find spots either in groups, a few or numerous in number and very often bilateral symmetrical (on both the side of the body, say legs).

Homeopathic medicines show excellent cure for mucosal lesions and it is advised to continue the treatment for a longer period even after disappearance of lesions because they tend to reappear .The reappearance is specially related to stress as a trigger.