Clinical Consultation

Dreaming of Rapunzel hair ………not an easy task in pollution laden metro cities!! Good looking hair is not only a sign of beauty but healthy mind and soul too. We all thrive for those perfect tresses round the year but today’s fast moving life, chemicals laden treatments and improper diet takes a toll on hair quality and growth. Falling of hair in bunches and patches is a very disturbing ailment . Homeopathic medicines along with good, balanced and nutritious diet ,proper care and stress free lifestyle help in maintaining a good health of hair. Summers is specially a stressful time for

  • To control hair loss and bring it within normal limits.
  • To reduce the pace of deterioration
  • To stabilize the thinning of hair

Eat well: Also, lack of production of keratin – a fibrous protein that forms the main constituent of hair is not manufactured at all if our diet lacks essential nutrients. Therefore, it becomes important to have a vitamin-mineral rich diet to boost the keratin formation – and eventually, the growth of your mane. So, this summer include lots of green veggies, fresh fruits, and protein-rich diet to ramp-up the level of keratin and make your hair strong & long.