Overcoming examination anxiety and fears

As people react in different ways to the same stress, homeopathy has so much to offer for same problem a different medication.

One can think of all sorts of occasions in which fear and anxiety manifest themselves and cause difficulties in handling the situation. For example, one may be an entirely competent dancer, but put into the context of an audition test, may go to pieces and fail. In such state of affairs some people may just go numb, and are unable to think what to do next. Some break out in cold sweats and palpitations, while others have to dash off to the loo. A homeopathic remedy can be customized to the individual retort of the person. We are frequently consulted about pre-examination nerves. There are short acting and deep rooted solutions in homeopathy. Weather it is memory disorder and depression before an event, anticipatory anxiety days before or sudden cold feet –homeopathy has solution for all sorts of anxiety disorders.

Problems at school:

All fibroids have a network of blood vessels which keep the fibroid live as well as help it grow in size. We assume that the medicines we prescribe help by:

Another area of stress for which we are frequently consulted, is that of school in general. Younger children may be unhappy at school for various reasons: they may be being bullied, they may have a very strict teacher of whom they are scared, and they may have difficulty making friends.


Teenagers have worries other than exams, because growing up is a stress in itself. They hate being a teenager, conscious and worried about their looks, fainting spells, unkempt look, too vain, jealous of fellow group mates,silent crushes, hormonal upheaval and peer stress can boggle them so much, at times they walk in for consultation directly or under the pretext of some other physical ailment like fainting spells,nail biting,vertigo,cold sweats,hysterical convulsions fearful dreams and all.There are all sorts of other situations that can be helped by homeopathy, such as fear of flying, going for interviews, public speaking and appearing on the stage.

For patients suffering from chronic anxiety, such as panic attacks and agoraphobia, the case must be taken in depth by a qualified practitioner in order to achieve effective relief, but in acute situations, such as examination nerves, the general public can reach for the Aconite bottle with confidence.