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Namaskar from Holistic Homeopathy

Established in 1988, our endeavor is to work towards promoting healthy mind and body via preventive, palliative and curative care through homeopathy. With homeopathy, we provide gentle, non–addictive, effective and safe treatment. Homeopathy has a proven role in treating various subclinical conditions like subclinical hypothyroidism, diabetes, hypertension, behavioral and psychological illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and various other genetic and lifestyle issues and diseases.


  • • Comprehensive and Individualized health care and advice
  • • Confidentiality of patient records
  • • Face to face and online consultation available
  • • Transparent system of dispensing high quality GMP certified medicines
  • • Compassionate and educative approach towards patients
  • • Medicines delivered at doorstep after first consultation if needed
  • • Provision for adjuvant consultation (such as dietary/ speech/ psychological needs)

Patient Speak

  • Such a amazing doctor she is.....I really loved her the way she discuss each n everything about patient n the way she treats......thank you ma'am

    Pooja Sharma

  • I have been visiting Dr. Ameeta from few months now and have really benefited from the treatment provided. She is a good listener , polite and is very specific on minute details as well. I had major allergy due to sinus and other related issues, but i have greatly benefited from her treatment. I would recommend her to everyone.

    Vikas Raina

  • I visited mam to cure Mild Arthritis, and I got what I was looking for. She is very generous and humble and also a good listener. She helped me with proper treatment to cure my problem. I will strongly recommend her.

    Rahul Mishra

  • Very intelligent and highly professional doctor.Does research before diagnosis. Highly recommend for children as well as adults.

    Satyendra Pratap Singh

  • Last year, a tragedy in my family triggered high level of anxiety in me. After suffering for almost 10-11 months of anxiety and negative thoughts, I approached Dr. Ameeta for the treatment. Just 2 months of treatment did a wonder to me. I have gained back not only my original life but also more confidence to handle the competitive world.

    “I am more than happy to provide my feedback on the treatment that I had undergone for Anxiety and restlessness.”

    Abhishek Gupta

  • Dr Ameeta is very knowledgeable and experienced doctor having vast experience of homeopathy. She is well updated and attends various Global conferences. She gives enough time to her patients to properly examine and understand the problem and gives apt medicines on the basis of her vast experience. She has perfect cure for all types of issues including common issues like acidity, sinus etc. Homeopathic medicines are not having side effects and it cures problems from the root. You can rely Dr. Ameeta for any issues.

    Rakesh Kumar Gujral

  • Amazing doctor with such great experience. With the help of her medicines, i am off my steroids and antibiotics

    Garima Arora

  • After Dr Ameeta has taken charge of my daughter, her immunity has improved and she falls ill much less than before.

    John Bose

  • We have been going for 14 yrs, has cured Asthma, Eczema... Many other usual ailments

    Mala Ramkumar